Language-expertise alone does not make for correct translation. Familiarity with the source and the target languages’ culture is essential, along with professional precision, creativity and reliability.

Along with quality, I consider deadlines of the utmost importance. Further to this, Data Protection requires that no information provided by the Client is received by a third party.


  • Formal documentation
  • Business correspondence
  • Business and research presentations, management summaries
  • Sales and marketing related documents
  • Questionnaires
  • Product handbooks
  • Advertisement and movie subtitles
  • Software and website localization
  • User manuals
  • Specialized literature and novels
  • Conservation, scuba diving


International projects are normally charged on a per-word basis, with prices ranging from €0.10 – €0.16 per target word. This does not refer to book translations. For more details please contact me and ask for a specific quotation.