Dr. Richard C. Woolfson - Bright Baby


Dr. Richard C. Woolfson


Bright Baby


Barron’s, 2001


Babies are naturally active, dynamic learners – and parents can help their infant’s learning process flourish by giving the child steady, unconditional love, care, stimulation for the senses, and encouragement. A noted child psychologist offers moms and dads advice, information, and guidelines on child development from birth to age 15 months. An opening chapter covers topics that include birth order and how it affects personality, gender differences, the role of grandparents, crying, feeding and weaning, sleeping patterns, and more. General development charts follow this opening discussion. Subsequent chapters provide detailed information on how an infant’s body movement develops, hand-eye coordination, early language development, learning skills and activities, and the child’s early social and emotional development. This attractive, heavily illustrated book is filled with sidebar tips, reference charts, and delightful full-color photos on every page.