Wayne Westcott, Rita La Rosa Loud - No more cellulite!


Wayne Westcott, Rita La Rosa Loud


No more cellulite!


Perigee Trade, 2003


Cellulite is a physical phenomenon that can be tamed with a smart, scientific approach. Here is an exercise-based program for firming the lower body and improving overall physical fitness. It’s not a “miracle cure”-just a safe, sensible, and effective plan that will demonstrate how to:

  • Use stretching for a younger-looking (and younger-feeling) body
  • Build the muscles that are essential for firm-looking legs and hips
  • Reduce fat through exercise
  • Discover how “purposeful nutrition” can change one’s appearance-and one’s life

Safe, effective, and inexpensive, this is a program that offers the tools needed to fight cellulite – and win.