Dr. Richard C. Woolfson - Bright Toddler


Dr. Richard C. Woolfson


Bright Toddler


Barron’s, 2001


His companion volume to Doctor Woolfson’s Bright Baby – covers child development from approximately 15 months to age three. Introductory topics include sibling rivalry, gender differences, childcare arrangements for working parents, a toddler’s way of nonverbal communication, coping with tantrums, eating habits, potty training, bedtime and sleep patterns, dealing with shyness, and encouraging the child’s sense of self-confidence. The book’s chapters are organized as follows: general development charts, body movement, hand-eye coordination, language, learning skills and activities, and a child’s social and emotional development. Delightful full-color photos on every page plus many informative sidebars make this an unusually attractive and helpful book for parents of very young children.