R.W. Welch - Comet of Nostradamus


R.W. Welch


Comet of Nostradamus


Tamás Pétersz


Llewellyn Worldwide, 2000


2000 and beyond – the ‘Nostradamus take’

  • Predicts a comet in 2004 that will scorch southern France and central Italy before it explodes just off the coast of Greece
  • Foretells a great war that ultimately engulfs the Mediterranean and beyond
  • Successfully decodes scores of previously undeciphered or misapplies quatrains
  • Includes an analysis of ‘Nostradamus’s Greatest Hits’,

matching historical events to various quatrains, and provides probability ratings for each future prediction He foresaw the French Revolution and the Rise of Napolion. He perceived World War Two, 400 years before it happened, as well as more recent events such as the Persian Gulf War. In this book, you will discover what Nostradamus saw for the years following 2000. Because the weight we give to Nostradamus’ predictions for our times hinges on his accuracy in the past, a large portion of the book analyses the percentage of Nostradamus’s prophecies that qualify as psychic hits.